What Makes Us Different

All Ultrasound Modalities Under One Roof

We deal in all modalities of ultrasound from greyscale to vascular, from abdomen pelis and obstetrics to small parts, from musculoskeletal ultrasound to echocardiography, and from adults to neonates

Every Student Has Individual Needs

We recognize that every person is an individual with unique needs and requirements of courses, their availability, duty hours, and their personal domestic responsibilities. Working together with the students, we design study plans and schedule follow-ups according to their needs and convenience.

We have successfully instilled a high level of professionalism among our students. We manage our students’ expectations with honesty, respect, and integrity, creating a long-lasting impact on their professional and personal lives.

Teaching strategies

A number of learnings and teaching strategies are offered to make the experience interesting and beneficial e.g. Lectures, one-to-one learning and interactive real-time practical hands-on training on real patients, etc.


We provide online interactive sessions for the out-station (Local and Foreigners ) students. Every e-course, workshop, and one-to-one learning is accessible to the students right from the comfort of their home.